Stepping into the world of the Private Distillery Unterthurner means discovering one of the oldest distilleries in South Tyrol, known since its foundation for the extensive range of products and its spirit of innovation. The motto of this family-owned business is “Distillers by passion”. It strives to artfully blend the atmosphere of the former Priami residence, dating back to 1424, with the needs of today's connoisseurs. The fruits of the efforts of the Unterthurner family, which is bent on searching refinement and on broadening its assortment, have been acknowledged worldwide by international awards that are an encouragement and commitment to the passionate pursuit of a quality without compromise. For the Unterthurner family, being tied to tradition does not mean having to give up the handy options offered by new technologies. Numerous innovations in the distillery industry are born from the creativity and wealth of ideas of this family of entrepreneurs.
The precious Unterthurner distillates are sold at “Residenza Priami” in Marlengo (Bolzano), online at and in selected stores.

  • Stephan Unterthurner & Martin Sölva
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