Morgenduft Apple barrique

With barrique ageing, the seductive bittersweet aroma of apples acquires a special note, reminescent of baked apples.

Tastingto sprinkle on baked apples, when they are still hot, or together with bitter chocolate
Content500 ml
Alcohol content39%
Temperature15 - 20°C
Raw materialApple Morgenduft
Storageat least 2 years and ripening in oak barrels
Colorgolden brown
Aromafruity with a touch of vanilla
Flavourharmoniuos and round
CharacteristicsThe intense aroma of the apples, combined with a subtle hint of vanilla from the ripening process in wood barrels and the mild finish, make an unique bouquet
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Morgenduft Barrique
Morgenduft Apfel

Morgenduft Apple Barrique
500ml - 39%
Brand - Barrique

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