Organic Schüttelbrot

In a class by itself: distilled from baked Schüttelbrot (crispy rye bread), it is rich in ingredients such as anise, fennel seeds and fenugreek. – Controlled by IT-BIO-013

Tastinga delicate distillate, to enjoy together with sweet Parma ham or smoked cured meat
Content200 ml
Alcohol content39%
Raw materialOrganic "Schüttelbrot" from Bakery Profanter Brixen
Storageat least 1 year in oak barrels
Colorgolden brown
Aromaintense spicy notes of anise, caraway and fennel
Flavourharmonic spice notes embedded in fine yeasty notes, vanilla
Characteristicsall our Priami products are distilled on our "rarity distillation"
AwardsGold at the Spirit competitions DLG 2012
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Bio Schüttelbrot
BIO Schüttelbrot

Organic "Schüttelbrot"
200ml - 39%
Brand - Priami Spirits, Grappas

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