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The location is magnificent, nestled in nature at the foot of the Texelgruppe in the South Tyrolean mountains. The view sweeps over the orchards in the valley and the vineyards around the manor estate. This is the site of the "Priami" estate in Marlengo near Merano, built in 1424, where the Unterthurner distillery is located today.

Here in the center of Marlengo we have been distilling the finest fruit brandies since 1947. Other specialties have been added, such as berry and nut brandies, grappa made from South Tyrolean grape marc, herbal and fruit liqueurs. For some years now, the range of over 60 different products has also been supplemented by gin and products aged in wooden barrels.

For 30 years , the "Waldler Original" has been our flagship, the first and only genuine raspberry spirit from South Tyrol. Through decades of experience and further development on the product, the Waldler inspires our clients again and again.

And how did the noble distillery that is so well-known and up-and-coming todaycome into being? Stephan Unterthurner, today's managing director and grandson of the founders, reports: "The farmers in the area have always distilled, mainly for their own use. In 1947, my grandparents Ignaz and Luise made the courageous decision to earn their living with the distillery in the politically and economically uncertain times and began the legal production of distillates. The business grew with consumption in bars, restaurants and in private homes, but also thanks to the developing tourism, especially by the German guests. About 30 years ago, when the local distilleries were distilling almost exclusively Williams pears, my parents Luis and Christl made another brave decision and started distilling berries. A successful decision. It was the beginning of the production of unique brandies and distillates."

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