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High-Proof Spirits with the Soul of Nature

At Unterthurner in South Tyrol, the art of schnapps distillation achieves its greatest expression.

The location is wonderful, embedded in nature at the foot of the South Tyrolean Mountains. The view sweeps across the huge, regularly laid out orchards in the valley. Here lies the Priami estate, in Marling near Merano, established in the year 1424, where the private distillery Unterthurner is located today, in which excellent products are manufactured and which flies high the flag of this sophisticated art firmly rooted in the region. “The farmers in the region have always distilled schnapps, especially for their own use”, says Stephan Unterthurner, the General Manager of the family business. “In the year 1947, my grandparents Ignaz and Luise came to the decision – quite courageous during those politically and economically unstable times – to earn their livelihood with the distillery, and they started with the legal liquor production. The business grew with the consumption in bars, restaurants, and in the private households as well as thanks to the developing tourism, especially the one of the German guests. About 30 years ago, when the local distilleries almost exclusively distilled William pears, my parents made another courageous decision and started to distill soft fruits. A successful decision. It was the start of the production of unique, different schnapps and distillates.